Bio and Skills


Erica Mongé-Greer earned an MAT degree in biblical studies (2008) and an MA degree in ancient Near Eastern history, language and literature from Fuller Theological Seminary (2012). She has written for numerous publications and served as Executive Editor for a state-wide Christian Newspaper before starting her own business as a Writing Coach (2005). She is an adjunct professor at Azusa Pacific University, Life Pacific College and Vanguard University. She also coaches graduate students in Study Skills, Biblical Hebrew and OT Theology. She received her BA degree in International Business from Vanguard University with culture and language study in Costa Rica (2000). Erica and her husband, Joshua, currently live in southern California with their two children: Caleb and Emma


Public speaking and training in the fields of business, writing and humanities. Strategic marketing and business planning, maximizing development and management initiative. Awareness and directive experience in organizational behavior and leadership. Networking with community leaders; building associations with corporate leadership, labor and broad-based constituencies. Experience sitting on executive boards, partnering with agencies and supporting major initiatives in education, research and partnership. Multicultural marketing experience, language assimilation and diverse cultural representation. Ability to jump in and participate, facilitate and negotiate activities, incorporate individual ideas in a group setting. Participated in language immersion in Costa Rica (1999) successfully making international connections and becoming fluent in culture and language.

Categorical Strengths [Strengthsfinder 2.0]

Responsibility • Maximizer • Connectedness • Arranger • Belief

These categorical strengths serve as a summary of skills and natural ability. Responsibility is my highest driving force, pushing me to succeed in everything I do. My grandfather, who I am very close to, says I am like a cat, always landing on my feet. As a maximizer, I am strong in visualizing the most effective way to accomplish goals, satisfy demands and meet needs, reducing waste in the workplace. Connectedness drives my values in global community and cultural awareness. I am often sought by family and friends in time of crisis or great need. I do not tend toward judgement, but seek to open up doors of opportunity and potential. I am a master arranger, able to effectively facilitate groups in brainstorming, viewing strategic opportunity from multiple angles and representation, assisting those who are strong in action to move forward in a carefully weighed and balanced path. My belief keeps me centered. I am grounded in faith by family virtue and personal commitment. This motivates me from within.


“Erica demonstrates effective leadership with balance of life. She is driven to master the attributes of business, community and vision. Her character is virtuous and she has the ability to motivate others. Erica leaves a lasting impression upon individuals in business and within her entire circle of influence - Thank you for your inspiration.” Kim Eagles, Owner ODATS, Organizational Leadership & Development Training (2010)

“Erica is a client-concerned business woman who knows her stuff. She is well prepared and equipped to assist people in their writing pursuits, whatever they may be. I trust Erica with my personal writing and find her extremely reliable in one-on-one meetings as well as in correspondence. I highly recommend Erica for any editorial/writing endeavors.” Frances Suderman, Creative Writer (2009)

“In working with Erica as my editor helped me to grow as a writer. Her support , direction, and compassion always encouraged me to strive to be better than what I thought I could be as a writer. She was definitely an inspiration.” Marc Katz, President, Hearts of Joy Senior Care Inc. (2008)

“Erica Mongé-Greer is, no contest, the strongest editor I've ever had, and I've written for a heap of editors and publications! I can not think of a better editor, writing coach or businesswoman. Erica's dedication to her staff, clients, and subscribers was rare, unique, and inspiring. Erica is a master at helping you to get to the next level, as a writer, with your document or publication, or with your creative needs. Simply put: Erica Mongé-Greer is the very best!” Jamise Liddell, Film Critic, Lifestyle Entertainment Reporter, Arizona Christian News (2008)

“Erica is an excellent writer, editor and leader. Her organizational skills and her ability to handle multiple projects at once are remarkable. She helped give me the knowledge I needed to succeed as a writer and a professional. I am very thankful for her direction and would work with her again any day. She is a joy.” Aubrey (Schneider) Blankenship, Associate Editor, Event Solutions Magazine (2008)

"Your contribution to July's 'Fidelity' edition helped make it one of our most popular issues." Randy Walter, Editor, Manna (2008)


Master of Arts in Ancient Near Eastern Languages & Literature, Fuller Theological Seminary 2012

Master of Arts in Theology | Biblical Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary 2008

Bachelor of Arts in International Business | Cultural Anthropology, Vanguard University 2000

Graduate, CINCEL, Spanish language immersion, to fluency Costa Rica 1999

International Travel :: China, Tibet and Latin America 1998, 1999, 2000, 2008