Curriculum Vitae


Erica Mongé-Greer is actively engaged in dissertation toward completion of a PhD after earning two Master of Arts degrees in ancient language and religion. She has written for numerous publications and served as Executive Editor for a family-values newspaper before starting her own business as a Writing Coach (2005-2010). She received her BA degree in International Business/Cultural Anthropology with culture and language study in Costa Rica (2000). She is a college professor, teaching at University of Oregon. Erica and her husband, Joshua, currently live in Oregon with their two children: Caleb and Emma.




PhD in Progress, University of Aberdeen, Trinity College, Bristol, UK, est. 2020
Master of Arts in Ancient Near Eastern Languages & Literature, Fuller Theological Seminary 2012 Master of Arts in Theology | Biblical Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary 2008
Bachelor of Arts in International Business | Cultural Anthropology, Vanguard University 2000 Graduate, CINCEL, Spanish language immersion, to fluency, Costa Rica 1999
International Study :: China, Tibet and Latin America 1998, 1999, 2000, 2008; UK, 2016


Academic Specialization

Ancient Language & Literature; Historical, Religious and Cultural Context of the Old Testament; Special interest in Ethics of Justice in the Ancient World and Mythic Texts
Dissertation Research Area: Myth and Ethics in the Hebrew Bible Psalms


Professional Experience: Teaching

Instructor Pro Tem, Biblical Hebrew, University of Oregon 2017-2018
Adjunct Professor, Hebrew Bible: Exodus-Deuteronomy, Azusa Pacific University 2012-2017
Adjunct Professor, Biblical Hebrew, Northwest Christian University 2016
Adjunct Professor, Hebrew Bible: Prophets & Wisdom Lit., Northwest Christian University 2016
Adjunct Professor, Persuasive & Research Writing, Vanguard University 2009-2018
Adjunct Professor, Ancient Languages: Beginning Akkadian, Azusa Pacific University 2015
Adjunct Professor, Hebrew Bible: Torah, Life Pacific College 2013-2015
Adjunct Professor, Cultures of Ancient Civilizations, Life Pacific College 2011-2015
Adjunct Professor, English Composition & Grammar/Research, Life Pacific College 2011-2014
Teaching Assistant, OT Theology Dr. John Goldingay, Fuller Theological Seminary 2009-2013

Professional Experience: Conference Presentations

Society of Biblical Lit. National Mtg., Denver, CO, 2018—Ethical Reflections on the Language of
Poverty in the Psalter.
PNW SBL/AAR, Tacoma, WA, 2018—Sing A Song for the Poor: A Study of the Language of Poverty in
the Psalter.
Tyndale OT Study Group, Cambridge, UK, 2017—God by Any Other Name.
PGR Conference, Bristol, UK, 2017—Who watches the watchers? אלה י ם as Kings, Judges and Gods.
Society of Biblical Lit. National Mtg., Baltimore, MD, 2013—Singing the Exodus.
SBL Pacific Coast Region, Fullerton 2013—The Story Does Not End Here.


Society for Biblical Literature since 2010 Chamber of Commerce Legislative Committee 2009 Assistance League of Orange 2009 UCP-SARnet Editorial Team served 2007-2008

Professional Experience: Publication

Author, Articles, various, Published in Lexham Bible Dictionary, 2014
Editor, Book, A Hole In The Head by Wilbert Smith. April, 2012. ISBN-13 978-1-934556-41-2
Author, Article, Origins of The Bible, Published in New Identity Magazine, Winter 2011
Author, Article, The Ten Commandments: A Series, Published in New Identity Magazine, 2011-2013
Editor, Newspaper, Arizona Christian News. Scottsdale, AZ 2004-2006
Editor, Vanguard University Student Newspaper. Costa Mesa, CA 1997-1998
Contributing Writer, Redmond Reporter. Redmond, OR 1996
Contributing Writer, Vacaville Reporter. Vacaville, CA 1994
Editor, High School Student Newspapers. W. Sacramento, Vacaville, CA; Redmond, OR 1991, 1994-96
Contributing Writer/Editor, Various Publications: New Identity Magazine, World Magazine, Christian
Examiner Seattle/Tacoma, Christian Examiner So. California, Conversant Life, Arizona Family News,
Manna, Living Stones News, Semi Weekly



Co-Founder, HMCS Group 2005-2018
Writing Coach for writers, students and business owners pursuing publication (formerly under Setup and maintain online content and local networking. Establish and maintain
clients. Provide consultation for specific projects and general market analysis. Clients include Sole
Technologies Public Relations, Orange Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Orange ‘09, ByLine
Magazine and various published authors as well as individuals in academic and creative writing.



Qualifications, Proficiencies & Interests

Language Proficiency

Modern Research Languages: English, Spanish, German
Ancient Languages: Biblical Hebrew, Ugaritic, Akkadian, Proto Semitic, Phoenician, Moabite, Aramaic,
Biblical Greek
Conversational Language Proficiency: English, Spanish

Computer Proficiency

Online Course Management Systems: Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, MegaMeeting, Lifesize
Cloud, GoToMeeting. Experience in setting up course materials, specifying online requirements,
corresponding with students and providing resources, such as assignments and access to information,
through online course supplements. Also, experience with conducting live class lectures and fully
integrated learning sessions online with students in various parts of the country.
Research Software: Accordance, Scrivener, Endnote.


Internet Connectivity

Online websites I have initiated, developed and maintain for professional use and credibility — Website portfolio which includes professional work and research in academic environments. Find updated Resumé, CV and full descriptions of courses. — A self-initiated Facebook Fan Page highlighting findings, sources and related materials for students of Old Testament. — Affiliated portfolio highlighting professional skills in education and networking relationships.