Writing Coach

As a writer, my professional background is in journalism. When I decided to continue my education in grad school, I realized that I wanted to teach as wells as write, and pursue publication in a more challenging arena - the academe. Along the way, I began a business as a Writing Coach, helping others make their dreams of writing a reality. I have since begun writing fiction and I am working toward publishing work in other areas.

WRITING FOR Publication

  • Various OT Articles, Published in Lexham Bible Dictionary, 2014
  • A Hole In The Head by Wilbert Smith. Ed. Erica MongĂ©-Greer April, 2012. ISBN-13 978-1-934556-41-2
  • Origins of The Bible, Published in New Identity Magazine, Winter 2011
  • The Ten Commandments: A Series, Published in New Identity Magazine, 2011, continuing
  • Various Publications: New Identity Magazine, World Magazine, Christian Examiner Seattle/Tacoma, Christian Examiner So. California, Conversant Life, Arizona Christian News, Manna, Living Stones News, Semi Weekly

Editorial Responsibilities

Arizona Christian News. Monthly Publication, statewide circulation centralized in Phoenix Metro Area. Broad readership. 25 writers, college interns and beat reporters. Directed every aspect of publication, from conception to printing. 2004-2006. Interview about ACN with guest Erica Mongé-Greer on the Larry Peterson show (Audio)

Vanguard Student Newspaper. Monthly publication, University distribution. Managed a staff of five, include advertising, photography, art and section editors. Directed every aspect of publication, from conception to printing 1997-1998

Redmond High School Student Newspaper. Monthly publication, school wide and district distribution. Managed an assistant editor, a graphic design artist, a photographer and story assignments for a class of about 15 students. Involved in conception, planning and implementation of monthly newspaper. Contributed on a freelance basis to the local city newspaper in Redmond, OR. 1995-1996

Will C. Wood High School Newspaper. Monthly Publication, school wide distribution. Assisted faculty supervisor in conceptualizing, editing and finalizing publication. Trained at a summer journalism camp and interned in the summer as a reporter for the local city newspaper in Vacaville, CA. 1994

Golden State Middle School Newspaper. Bi-Monthly Publication, distributed school wide. I conceptualized and proposed the newspaper to a faculty English teacher. With her backing, I recruited writers, wrote and edited a small publication, printed on colored paper and stapled in the corner. I was involved in every aspect of publication, from conception to distribution. 1991

Educational Curriculum Development

Standardized curriculum for college course: The Corinthians, 3 unit course, Arizona Bible Institute 2007

Standardized curriculum for college course: Business Writing, 3 unit course, Vanguard University 2012, 2014